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Facebook is currently worth some $400 billion dollarsto its shareholders. Which might seem like a lot. Buta recent study suggests the company is worthmanytimes more than that, to its users.


"Basically our punch line is that Facebook seems tobring value to its users, and maybe that's the nicestthing anybody has said about Mark Zuckerberg allyear. But it does seem to bring joy or utility to people." Sean B. Cash is an economist at TuftsUniversity in Boston.

波士顿塔夫茨大学的经济学家肖恩·B·卡什说:“我们研究的重点是,Facebook似乎可以为用户带来更多价值,也许是今年的马克·扎克伯格。”最愉快的事情。但是,Facebook似乎给人们带来了更多的欢乐或实用性。 ”

He and his team asked some 1,300 Facebook users, from colleges, community, and onlinesamples, to put a dollar number on the value the social network brings to their lives.


Specifically, they asked users how much they'd need to be paid to deactivate their accounts. And the stakes were real. If a user's offer was accepted, she'd have to deactivate her account, for up to a year.


And Cash -- remember, that's the actual name of the economist, Cash -- would have to pony upthe money. "We did have some budget breaking surprises."

喀什(记住,这是经济学家的本名(与现金同调)-必须支付)。 “我们确实有一些超出预算的意外。”

But how big of a surprise? Cash and his team found that, on average, users asked for more than $1,000 dollars in exchange for shutting down their accounts for a year. They reported theresults in the journal PLOS ONE.

但是这个意外发现有多大? Cash和他的团队发现,平均而言,用户在同意关闭其帐户一年之前要求出价超过1,000美元。研究人员在公共科学图书馆杂志上发表了这些发现。

If you divide Facebook's market capitalization by its number of users -- more than 2.2 billion -- you'd find that each user is worth about $175 bucks to investors. But actual users seem to prizeaccess to the platform at more than five times that.


Not that Cash and his team are suggesting CEO Mark Zuckerberg should charge that much foraccess. What they're measuring instead, is what's called consumer surplus -- or more simplyput, the additional perceived value -- that users get from using the service.

这项研究并不是说Cash和他的团队建议首席执行官Mark Zuckerberg应该向用户收取更多使用费。他们所衡量的是所谓的消费者剩余,或者更简单地说,就是用户从使用该服务中获得的额外价值。

"If you think about the history of innovation in general, it's often the case, even when we seesomebody like Edison making a lot of money off of the lightbul。b, the value to all the users ofthe lightbulb since then has been much higher than whatever fortune he made."


Facebook's never-ending string of privacy missteps, though, might affect whether we'll saythe same of the social network in the future. Whether Zuckerberg likes it or not.


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Chinese social media platform WeChat is better for marketers than Western offerings such as Facebook, the chief execut。ive of Havas, a top advertising firm, told CNBC on Monday.

根据CNBC 4月18日的报道,全球最大的广告集团Havas的首席执行官Yannick Bollor告诉商人,中国的社交媒体平台WeChat比Facebook更好。等待西方平台要好得多。

WeChat is owned by Chinese internet giant Tencent and boasts 700 million monthly active users, according to data tracker Quest Mobile. It is the dominant messaging service in the world’s second-largest economy.


The app allows people to text and voice call each other, make payments, and interact with "bots" – a similar feature to what Facebook unveiled last week.


The ability to make payments and even book restaurants means WeChat has become a big part of Chinese phone users’ lives.


For marketers looking to advertise to Chinese consumers, this is attractive.


"Social platforms are very important in my industry. I would say that the best social platform in the world for me is WeChat, it’s much better than the Facebooks of the world,!" Yannick Bolloré, the chief executive of Havas, told CNBC in a TV interview on Monday.


"We always say that Chinese people are very good at copying. Now they are very good at creating things, it could roll out one day eventually in the rest of the world," he added.

“我们总是说中国人擅长窃,但现在看来他们也擅长发明。也许有一天,微信将遍布世界。” Bollore添加了。

Bolloré’s comments were part of a wider discussion about the Chinese economy, in which the head of the French company said China was still attractive for businesses.


"If you look at China in the last 20 years, it’s by far the most impressive recovery story for a country. And we still have only a few portions of Chinese people that have accessed the Middle Class, and it’s already a booming economy," Bolloré said.


"If you imagine in the future, more and more people will join the Middle Class in China – for me China will continue to grow in the next decade at a very high rate."


Havas is one of the world’s largest advertising and communication companies, with a market capitalization of around 3 billion euros ($3.4 billion).



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Facebook’s new, mature face plays well with investors. After a year of scandal and abysmal press, its share price is just shy of record highs.


It gained more than 1% on the news of the latest fine, which had already been priced in thanks to astute telegraphi!ng earlier this year—a sign, perhaps, of a good working relationship with the American regulator.


A Facebook which works with governments rather than around them appeals to shareholders. So does Facebook’s ability to rake in money. The growth of its core social network is slowing down. But revenues from Instagram, its popular photo-sharing app, are growing apace.

与政府合作而不是与政府合作的Facebook对股东具有吸引力。 Facebook的赚钱能力也是如此。其核心社交网络的增长正在放缓。但是其流行的照片共享应用程序Instagram正在迅速发展。

It has yet to realise the money-spinning potential of WhatsApp, its messaging service. Analysts expect Facebook’s second-quarter results, due out on July 24th, to show revenues up by 25% from last year, to $16.3bn.


Unlike profits at some other technology firms, its net income is expected to rise, by 6% to $5.4bn—more than enough to cover the fine. Facebook is not out of the woods. Other regulators and politicians are lining up to take a swipe at Big Tech, and not just in America.

与其他一些科技公司的利润不同,该公司的净收入预计将增长6%,达到54亿美元,足以支付罚款。 Facebook并没有走出困境。其他监管机构和政界人士正在排队攻击大型科技公司,而不仅仅是在美国。

Financial authorities are leery of Libra, worrying that it could become a vehicle for fr。aud and money laundering, as happened with some other cryptocurrencies. Central bankers fear that if adopted widely enough it could threaten financial stability.


On July 16th Ursula von der Leyen, president-elect of the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, said she wants the tech giants to pay more taxes. The next day the bloc’s competition chief, Margrethe Vestager, announced a probe into Amazon’s use of merchant data.

7月16日,欧盟委员会执行机构当选总统Ursula von Drain表示,他希望科技巨头能缴纳更多税款。第二天,欧盟竞争负责人玛格丽特·维斯塔尔(Margaret Vestal)宣布对亚马逊使用商家数据进行调查。

In some countries data-protection regulators want to order non-compliant companies to stop processing data altogether. That would hurt considerably more than a fine.


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